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Language & Grammar Awareness Crash Course 

This course is designed for English Language Teachers who are about to start or preparing for a teacher training course such as the Cambridge Assessment English CELTA. Whether you are preparing for your CELTA interview or starting your teacher training course in a few days, these five seminars will help you take the pressure off those language questions. We will guide through the many uses of English modals and modality, explore the nature of English sounds, demystify the present perfect, and investigate how we connect words to create meaning.


Course Timetable

10 hours (5 seminars).

The seminars are run on the Friday and Saturday before the start date of our CELTA courses. 
However, they are not solely run for CELTA candidates and can be attended by those who have yet to apply or be interviewed. 
The minimum language requirement to attend our Language Awareness Course is C1/C2.

Target Audience

English language teachers who have yet to complete a first level qualification, future CELTA candidates, future CELTA interviewees who wish to work on their language awareness (minimum language requirement: C1/C2)

The 5 seminars

1) The English Verb: an orientation map through time & tense, aspect and voice
2) English Modals and Modality: helping you describe what the modals and modal verbs of the English Language are used for
3) Futures & Conditionals: a session on how we manage to talk about the future in English without a future tense 
4) Collocation and Word Building: how words connect and morph through the language web 
5) English sounds: exploring what we say and how we say it


Dates & Fees

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