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DELTA: Dates and Fees


Upcoming Courses

Module Two course: 18/10/2019 - 22/05/2020 - final examination: June 2020

Module One course - Online or Blended Learning: 08/02/2020- 30/05/2020 -  You will have to be physically present at the center on Teaching Practice days.

Module Three course - Distance or Blended Learning: 08/02/2020 - 30/05/2020 - consultancy dates to be agreed with candidates 


DELTA is the TEFL qualification intended for practising and experienced English language teachers. As from September 2008 Cambridge English Language Assessment introduced the modular DELTA in three modules. Our preparation courses provide in-service training for the Module One examination, Module Two teaching practice and Module Three extended assignment and assist you in the development of your capacities as a teacher. The modular framework provides you with an accessible professional development programme with flexible entry points. Candidates may choose to do any or all of the modules and have the opportunity to focus on a specialist area of teaching in Modules Two and Three. Each module is assessed independently and is separately certified. Achievement of a Pass in all three modules confers the status of a full Delta qualification.

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Modules & Organization

  • Module One
    focuses on your understanding of the background to teaching and learning in a range of contexts. It is tested by one exam taken as two one and a half hour papers on the first Wednesdays of June and December. Our course requires 16 weeks of study in two modes of delivery: online or blended. The Online option requires basic computer skills in order to complete 18 online tasks and two mock tests.The Blended Learning option involves 18 online tasks, two mock exams and 8 face to face seminars. 

  • Module Two
    is about Practical Teaching. It focuses on your awareness and expertise in professional practice in a range of contexts and is tested by 5 practical assignments that involve written work and observation by a tutor of your teaching on a number of occasions. Our M2 course involves 5 practical assignments and is delivered via Blended Learning. The face to face component entails teaching practice and attendance of seminars at our centre and involves tutor guidance online. The teaching practice is with specially arranged classes at our centre. Dates and fees for next academic year available soon.          
  • Module Three
    focuses on a chosen specialisation and includes a focus on syllabus design, testing and assessment. It is tested by an extended written assignment which is submitted for assessment. M3 is delivered either on a Distance Learning or a Blended Learning basis. The Blended Learning course involves 4 two-hour seminars and 20 online tasks which are followed up by 3 hours of consultancy during the drafting/editing process of the final assignment until final submission. The Distance Learning option does not include the seminars. Please note that at the moment we are not offering the ELTM specialism. 



Applicants should have an initial ELT/TESOL/TEFL qualification, such as CELTA, two years’ wide-ranging teaching experience with large classes and preferably be currently teaching classes in a language school. Applicants are accepted on the completion of a successful interview.

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Terms & Conditions

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