Monday, 22 October 2012

Teaching English to Italians?

Are you thinking about a CELTA course in Rome and/or teaching English to Italians? Some of our newly graduated teachers share their experience here.


Are you ready for a roller-coaster ride? Have you ever thought about teaching English as foreign language to Italian students in Rome? Well, now is your chance! Let me tell you about my experience… In one month, I have been sleep deprived, stressed, emotional, surprised, happy and fulfilled. The course is a lot of work, but it is definitely worth it. I can now stand up in front of a group of students and clarify a grammar point or facilitate a reading activity, all the while making it fun and interesting. What were the students like? They were all lovely and engaging. Four or five in the pre-intermediate group and six or seven in the upper-intermediate group. Their ages ranged from 19-60 and they came from all walks of life. Doctors, computer scientists, students, writers and actors. Because of their backgrounds and learning styles, they really helped me to develop as a well-rounded teacher. Could I teach before? No! This course is for those with little or no prior experience in teaching. You will come away with the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to feel confident teaching English to foreigners as a new career path or solely to open the door to travel opportunities. The world is your oyster! So, go on! Give it a go and take part in one of the biggest challenges of your life! Teach and enjoy:)


Hello wanna be teachers! Are you interested in doing a CELTA course? Can you imagine teaching confident, kind and understanding Italians who have a desire to speak English? I have just completed a mind-aching month of CELTA.  Although the work load made it tough and torturous at times, it is still one of the most rewarding experiences I have embarked on.  The students are generally a delight to teach.  As if by magic, they can transform the most stressful occasions into humorous and amiable lessons.  They are helpful and conscientious, they are always willing to learn and they can’t wait to add new words and grammatical items to their knowledge bank.  In fact, by the end of the course you will be surprised how sad you are to leave them. At first the experience is daunting and it seems like it will never ease off, but by the end you will be so glad you took the plunge into teaching.

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