Teaching children, juniors or teens in Italy? IH CYLT is the answer

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Let’s face it…We’ve all been there! We completed our CELTA course, applied for a job in a local language school, celebrated with friends when we got hired and arrived hours early for our first meeting with the Director of Studies...Yes! Mission accomplished…Or maybe not…That’s the part of the story where we found out that 80% of our classes would be with mini-beings. That’s the part where we all wished for that A in CELTA to be followed by a YL.

So, there we are with our Book of Tricks, a.k.a. our CELTA notes, trying to navigate a room full of Italian 7-year-olds with their afternoon pizza snack. Don’t get me wrong: our CELTA Book is priceless. Instruction-checks and “games & warmers” will always come in handy as you are juggling between Michele’ s overenergetic interpretation of your new “Welcome Song” and Giada’s horrified face at the grammar worksheet that you prepared till 3 AM the night before class.

But we’ve all been there. We know when it’s time for us to go “back to school” for some more tips and tricks that cater to younger learners specifically!

So, if…

  • you need help on how to plan a fun lesson where there is lots of moving around and fancy kinesthetic tasks but no Health & Safety issues;
  • you need tips on how to adapt your word games for learners who are more interested in farm animals than you will ever think possible;
  • you think that there is more to kids than flashcards, more to juniors than the latest pop song and more to teens than boy bands and soccer games,


… Well, then IH CYLT might be the way to go. Lots of work, lots of fun, and a new narration for your career.

The International House CYLT is currently the only qualification moderated by Cambridge English specifically designed for teaching young learners since the Cambridge YL Extension to CELTA is no longer available as of January 2017.

For more info about our IH CYLT course, browse our website at this page: http://www.ihromamz.it/ih-cylt-young-learners


Teacher Training Coordinator